Thank you all for a great festival!

Thank you all for making a lovely festival together yesterday!





Thank you all who contributed to the program, helped out in arranging, and coming out to participate! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and that it was a nice way to wrap up the term and the year 2017!

The theme of this festival was “Where do you find hope and creativity in darker times?” Our HOPE is that you found some of the answers yesterday.

We will share more photos and a video very soon – but here is a glimpse of the vibe of yesterday.

Check out the recorded livestream of parts of the day program:

We’d love to hear your reflections and feedback

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Finally, save the date!

The Spring Festival will be on Friday, May 25th (the day before the Kulternas Karnevalen)! Stay updated by Liking our Facebook page!

All the best holiday wishes to you all :)